The Power of the Digital Badge

What is a Digital Badge and Do I Need It?

You have the right to remain silent! Sorry, the digital badge does not give you the right to become an online police officer, although we do need more of those. But, it does give you a competitive edge over your job seeking competition. But, what the heck is a digital badge? defines the digital badge as, “a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments. Open digital badging makes it easy for anyone to issue, earn, and display badges across the web—through an infrastructure that uses shared and open technical standards.

In our ever growing landscape of technological advancement, it is imperative that you use this tool to separate yourself from the competition. Digital badges are a way to easily showcase your skills that you have learned through on the job training or self-development programs like IMar Learning Solutions’ Critical Thinking Academy or other online training you have completed.

Video-Overview of Digital Badges

How Will a Digital Badge Help Get Me Hired?

Amanda Oppermam, writes in her article, Revamping the Resume with Digital Badges, that “recent developments such as the proposed college ratings framework have created an awareness that merely being able to include a postsecondary credential in the “prior education” section of a resume is no longer enough to catch an employer’s attention.” The key phrase that we all need to focus on is that “postsecondary prior education is no longer enough to catch an employer’s attention.” A mental record scratched in my head after reading that and I temporarily lost all hope. That small piece of information shook my world to its core. I am from the generation that was told, “go to college and you will get a good job to help you achieve the American Dream.” If going to college isn’t enough then what am I supposed to do if I am being told that a college education is the new high school diploma

Andy Heikkila, writes in his article, What’s The Point Of College? It’s Not Always Obvious, But It Is Worth It, “Our national focus is less on what you actually learn in college, and more on whether or not you go, a new, twisted minimum requirement for even low-level jobs. Essentially, college is the new high school.” This is the type of situation that has helped to widen the technical skill and critical thinking skills gap that IMar Learning Solutions is trying to help bridge. Just having digital badges showcased on your resume will not get you hired on its own, but it will grab a recruiter’s attention.

Benefits of the Digital Badge

The WBT System states in their article, Why Digital Badges the future of Association Education, “Digital Badges provide members with control and ownership of their individual learning achievements. Members will identify skill gaps that they believe provide value and strive to earn digital badges in these areas.

And, “Similar to any traditional award for educational or professional development achievement, members want digital badges to:

Display accreditation in their professional field.
Reflect the effort and prestige taken to earn it.
Show potential employers that they have up-to-date and relevant skills.
Share their achievements with peers and prospective employers.
Export for display in other platforms and social media.”

My advice is to make sure that any online course that you enroll in offers a digital badge so that you attract serious inquiries that can help speed up the hiring process.

D. Wesley-IMar Learning Solutions

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