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“Mozart acknowledged that his great work was simply a by-product of diligent and consistent hard-work on his craft for many years.”
-Mayo OShin, Ladders Magazine
In last weeks newsletter, I focused on encouraging you to switch your focus from “finding your passion” and challenged you to switch to the Carole Dweck approved phrase of “developing your passion.” This week I would like to discuss the hard-work and effort that actually goes into taking your skills to the next level.

Mayo Oshin in his article, Mozart on How to Unlock Your Inner Creative Genius, writes, “there is a destructive myth that the ‘creative genius’ is born with an innate, godlike ability to create extraordinary work at the snap of their finger…this couldn’t be further from the truth.” Oshin’s article states that the inner genius is developed through consistent practice.Oshin supports his theory with research that was conducted at Music Academy in West Berlin that found that the best violinists had accumulated over 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Are you willing to put in the hours needed to tap into your inner genius and develop your passion the same way that Mozart did?

Oshin said, “anybody that commits to deliberate and consistent practice on a skill or craft for decades is capable of creating extraordinary work at some point in their career-of course, with the right training, guidance and support system.” Unfortunately, he forgot to mention that iMar Learning is here to give you the training, guidance, and support you need to develop into the BEST YOU CAN BE!

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