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In 2001 the No Child Left Behind Act bill was signed and passed through Congress. Different aspects of the bill have been highly debated and criticized. The education systems dislike of the bill has not gone unnoticed. I do not agree with all aspects, if any, of the No Child Left Behind Act, but I do agree that students are being left behind, and something needs to be done. Unfortunately, many adults are about to face a similar situation and it is time to join the Education Revolution. If something does not change many Baby Boomers and Generation Xer’s will be left behind when it comes to the skills needed to perform their job due to the disruptions that are here (not coming, already HERE) because of the advancement in artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation. Baby Boomers and Generation X, this message is for you. IMar Learning Solutions is extending its Millennial hand to help you through the changes that are disrupting your life and career.

Judges Versus A.I….

Many articles talk about the changes that are coming in the year 2020. If you are planning to wait until 2020 to address the skills deficiency then it will be too late. You need to get in front of the changes and begin to research and explore how the technological disruptions will change your job. Before I began researching this topic I thought that the changes would only affect low-skilled workers. I was wrong! Judges and even doctors will have to come face-to-face with the advancements in technology to make sure they are able to keep their job. Artificial Intelligence is growing more and more advanced every day. For instance, a group of British scientist has been using artificial intelligence to predict the outcome of trials. Chris Johnston wrote that “The AI “judge” has reached the same verdicts as judges at the European court of human rights in almost four in five cases involving torture, degrading treatment and privacy” and “in 79% of those assessed, the AI verdict was the same as the one delivered by the court.” Judges are now on the hot seat and in danger of being replaced by technology.

Doctors Versus A.I….

In an article featured in the New Yorker, A.I. Versus M.D., the author, Siddhartha Mukherjee, shares that in June of 2015 that scientist pitted two board-certified dermatologists against a computer algorithm to categorize images as either benign lesions, malignant lesions, and non-cancerous growths. The results were that the algorithm answered correctly seventy-two percent of the time versus the dermatologist that only answered correctly sixty-six percent of the time. So, all levels of workers are in danger, but at varying levels. Now is the time to do something so you are not caught off-guard when 2020 arrives.


How Do I Join the Revolution?

There isn’t a sign-up sheet or a petition to sign to join the revolution. The Education Revolution is all about changing your mindset. The sooner that you understand that your learning never ends, the better off you will be. An important aspect of developing a growth mindset is improving your critical thinking skills. IMar Learning Solutions’, Critical Thinking Academy, was created to help you take the plunge into self-discovery and soft skill improvement. This is our way of not just making you aware of your skills deficiency, but also helping you improve your life and career. I like to use the example of drones and how they are disrupting the delivery business. Amazon Prime Air delivers packages using unmanned aerial devices, called drones. Yes, delivery drivers will lose their jobs, but this also opens up an area of opportunity. If you want to continue your career as a delivery person, then you will need to learn how to pilot a drone. You can enroll in one of the many drone academies that are becoming more and more popular around the world. I have read many articles about how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will create chaos and opportunity all at the same time. My goal is to help others wake up and realize that the change is here and that it is time to join the education revolution. I challenge all that read this post to begin the journey of becoming a lifelong learner and hopefully you won’t be left behind when the robots finally take over.

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