Can Humanity & Robots Build the Future Together?

The Robots Need Our Help

“The future world would be one where the focus will be on collaboration and one where AI will become the “chief of staff” allowing societies an equal access of technology and therefore flexible models of working. “
-Stuart Templeton, The Future is Exciting

I have some GREAT news to share! The robots and A.I. aren’t planning to take our jobs. Recent studies and reports are stating that our technological advancements will actually create more jobs, and the robots need our help to complete their task. Stuart Templeton, the head of Slack UK, said, “the future would be one where the future is focused on collaboration and one where AI will become the ‘chief of staff.”So, what does this mean for you?

We consistently remind our students and business partners to keep a laser focus on the changes that are occurring. We work with businesses to help their workers upskill in preparation for the future, and with educational institutions to create plans to ensure their students are prepared to meet the job expectations of tomorrow.

But, are YOU personally seeking out information on the changes in your industry? Pearson provides a tool on their Future of Skills webpage, that allows you to input information and gives you feedback on the areas YOU need to focus on to be successful in 2030.

Businesses and educational institutions should start to shape their training and professional development programs to mirror what Stanford University did with their ‘STANFORD 2025′ Program. The purpose of the program was to encourage an exploratory mindset and the students created a time machine that landed in the year 2025. The website also offers visitors a free toolkit to design their future at Stanford. Tools like this can be reimagined to change the way you train your students and employees.

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