3 Reasons to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills Today

Critical Thinking and Your Future

Here at IMar Learning Solutions, we are always focused on the future and how we can help you improve in your career and self-development. Many writers and bloggers talk about the upcoming changes due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a time of doom and gloom. There are numerous articles about the IOT (Internet of Things), 3D printing, automation, and robotics and how all of these technologies will disrupt organizations and cause economic failure. Where others see doom and gloom, IMar Learning sees opportunity. Yes, many will lose their job, but many will grab hold to the famous Latin saying of “carpe diem” and “seize the day!” IMar Learning Solutions’, Critical Thinking Academy‘s purpose is to provide you with the skills and tools needed to improve your soft skills because these are the skills that employers desperately need.

Why Do I Need to Improve My Critical Thinking Skills?

Sipika Khandka defines critical thinking as, “...not ‘what’ to think rather ‘how’ to think. It includes the ability to engage in independent, reflective thinking“…..she also said that, “a critical thinker should be able to do the following with ease: identify the relevance and importance of ideas, understand the logical connections and establish linkages between ideas, identify, construct and evaluate argument, detect inconsistencies and common mistakes (fallacies) in reasoning, solve problems systematically, and reflect on the accuracy of one’s own beliefs and values.” Being able to think critically is a skill that can be learned and improved. It is also the second most important skill that you will need to be successful in 2020 (The number one skill is complex problem solving). Below you will find the top 3 reasons you need to begin improving your critical thinking skills today.

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#1-Technology is Changing at the Speed of Light

The improvements and advancement in technology are moving faster every day. You will need what we call at IMar our “Big 6” if you plan to prosper because of the changes. The “Big 6” are creative problem solving, analytical thinking, leadership skills, communication skills, social & emotional intelligence, and collaboration. These skills combined will help you to learn how to connect the dots when your supervisor needs for you to complete a higher level task. For example, he/she might request  that you analyze the data from the latest retail sales and present a plan to address any gaps and explain how you will improve next months sales based on the data provided. That is a real-life example of what employers are looking for in retail managers and corporate-level managers and IMar’s Critical Thinking Academy can help.

#2-Critical Thinking Can Help Your Career & Personal Life

There are plenty of opportunities for you to practice your critical thinking skills every day in your personal life. Once you begin to seek out these opportunities for improvement you will start to see the fruit of your labor in your career as well.  For example, Lei Han, the founder of bemycareercoach.com, found inspiration from a movie that she viewed with her children and wrote about it on her soft skills blog. Han stated that she was able to connect the movie, Trolls, that she viewed with her kids and the need for having a growth mindset (check out Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Ted Talk) that is needed for success today. Han wrote this in response to the movie,” We can learn anything and everything until the day we die. It’s important to surround ourselves with friends and colleagues with grow mindsets. We can inspire them to learn more and they can inspire us to do the same. Branch only was set in his way because of a sad event in his childhood. He needed Poppy to convince him it’s okay to be who he really is again.” To begin to grow your levels of critical thinking you must seek out any and all opportunities to strengthen your mental muscles and look for the deeper meaning in all that you do.

#3-Crititical Thinking Helps Promote Creativity

If I had a crystal ball to look into the future I believe that creativity is the skill that will be in high demand. I need you to sit and ponder this question for a second, “if your money or your job was a non-factor, what would you do all day?” This is a very important question because if automation brings about the drastic changes that the experts have predicted then creativity is the next frontier to conquer. Machines are able to do a lot of jobs and they are learning how to do more and more every day. Googles A.I. is creating brand new sounds that humans have never heard, the person you think that you are chatting with to buy car insurance might be a chatbot, or you might receive your next food delivery via a robot delivery driver. All of these things are created to help make our lives easier, speed up processes, and/or to eliminate human error. I do not think that we need to focus on stopping the development of these changes. IMar Learning believes that we all need to find our new niche. With all of the “free” time that the robots will provide, we will need to explore our creative sides to create new human experiences. For example, Sarah Zang in her article, 7 Dead Shopping Malls That Found Surprising Second Lives, shares a list of creative ways that old, unused malls are being used in new and exciting ways.

Now is the Time to Start Your Journey….

2020 is going to be here in the blink of an eye. As I stated, there are many articles about the changes that are coming, but IMar Learning Solutions is not just blogging and talking about the changes. No, we are doing something about it. We have new training courses on the horizon to help and if you have not already enrolled in our Critical Thinking Academy now is the time to claim the Latin saying “carpe diem” as your new motto and “seize the day!”

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