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Coaching & Live Training 

iMar Learning Solutions offers LIVE 1 day “Power Sessions” or 3-day full-training sessions. Our training sessions focus on helping participants improve their iMar BIG 6 critical thinking skills: Creative Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking, Working Collaboratively, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, and Social & Emotional Intelligence. 

Why these Skills?

iMar Learning Solutions’ BIG 6 are the skills that recruiters and employers find to be the rarest to find in employees. These are the skills that will help your team to grow as individuals so they can add more value to your company. If you are a manager, recruiter, leader, supervisor, or educator contact our team so we can schedule your training session and answer any questions.

Career Coaching Price Guide

1. Four career coaching sessions: $480
2. Six career coaching sessions: $720
3. Three-month coaching package: $1,425

Youth Leadership Academy

Group Training Price Guide

1 Day “Power Session”

30 students or less=$3,799.00

($126.63 per student)

3 Day Full-Training

30 students or less=$5,199.00

($173.30 per student)

Monthly Training Partnership 

30 students or less=$3,499.00

($116.63 per student)

Benefits of Training

  • By investing in your students/employee you are investing in their future and this will help improve retention. If you invest in them they will invest in you.
  • Participants are given a voice in a non-threatening environment and are able to share ideas for personal, campus, or business improvement.
  • The tools and skills discussed during training can be used immediately to help students grow as Critical Thinkers which will help your campus or business grow.

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